Province Provides Transitional Funding Support to help Learning Organizations Affected by LMA Changes

The Nova Scotia government has provided short term funding support to assist community learning organizations who are affected by the changes to the Labour Market Agreement.

Kelly Regan, the Minister of Labour and Advanced Education wrote in an email March 21, 2014 that:

The Province is keenly aware of how stressful these past weeks have been for your organization.   We understand how challenging it has been to have the funding for the important work that you do with Nova Scotians compromised by ongoing Labour Market Agreement negotiations.

 Many of you have expressed your anxiety and concerns regarding the future of your programs and services, clients and staff, and I share your concerns.  As a result, the Province has decided to draw from its own general revenue to provide $2.2 million in short-term funding to ensure that organizations like yours are able to retain the skilled and professional staff you have in place for the next two months.  This will allow us that time we need to negotiate the right agreement for Nova Scotia, without impacting the services we so highly value.  This funding will be made available to your organization as of April 1st.”

The press release is here:

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