ALP Levels I and II Learners now eligible for Skills Development Support

ANSCLO has learned that adult learners who are assessed at levels I and II are now officially eligible for skills development funding through Employment Nova Scotia, provided they have EI attachment. To be “EI – Eligible” means that you have been on employment insurance in the past three years, or on maternity benefits in the past five.

Formerly, in most regions of the province, only EI-eligible learners at levels III or above were eligible for this funding support.

The following statement submitted March 18, 2014 by ANSCLO to the Business Expertise Consultant with Employment Nova Scotia was deemed to be accurate:

It is our understanding from our recent discussion that learners assessed at ALP (Adult Learning Progam) I/II may be eligible for skills development support through ENS if their RTWAP (Return to Work Action Plan) falls within acceptable time limits (3 years) and ends with a recognized credential leading to enhanced employability. For example, a RTWAP for an ALP I learner  that led to a class I trucking license within 3 years would
potentially be an eligible SD plan.

ANSCLO has been advocating for this policy change since its inception in 2008.

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