ANSCLO Brings in New Board at AGM

The Association of Nova Scotia Community Learning Organizations held its Annual General Meeting on Friday, March 6, 2020 and a full complement of 15 directors was sworn in. The board is now:

  • Karen Blair, ALACBC
  • Suann Boates, VCLA
  • Natalie Brenson, GALA
  • Tanya Burke, EHCLA
  • Charles Cranton, DALA
  • Peter Gillis, VCLA
  • Shayla MacDonald, ACALA
  • Terri Faber, QCLN
  • Millie Hatt, RCLN
  • Katharine McCoubrey, HLNA
  • Alison O’Handley, DLN
  • Vicki Rutledge, ESMVLN
  • Dale Taylor, CLC
  • Mary Teed, CALA
  • Shirley Vigneault, Equipe

The ANSCLO Executive:

  • Co-Presidents: Peter Gillis, Alison O’Handley
  • Vice-President: Dale Taylor
  • Secretary: Katharine McCoubrey
  • Treasurer: Millie Hatt



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