ANSCLO AGM held February 16, 2016 in Halifax

The new board of directors was voted in at the ANSCLO AGM on February 16, 2016.

2016- 2017 ANSCLO Board of Directors:

Karen Blair, Adult Learning Association of Cape Breton County

Tina Boutilier, Eastern Shore and Musquodoboit Valley Literacy Network

Marlene Duckworth, Queens County Learning Association

Peter Gillis, Valley Community Learning Association

Millie Hatt, Richmond County Literacy Network

Katharine McCoubrey, Hants Learning Network Association

Terry Musgrave, Digby Area Learning Association

Krista Peterson, Shelburne County Learning Network

Dale Taylor, Cunard Learning Centre

Tanya Burke, East Hants Community Learning Association

Corey Clamp, Equipe d’alphabetisation Nouvelle-Ecosse

Mary Teed, Colchester Area Learning Association

The executive members are as follows:

Peter Gillis                                           Co-Chair

Katharine McCoubrey                        Co-Chair

Millie Hatt                                            Vice Chair

Mary Teed                                              Secretary

Terry Musgreave                                    Treasurer

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