ANSCLO Adopts Strategic Plan

ANSCLO adopted a three-year strategic plan at its most recent board meeting January 15. The evaluation and planning process which began last September, has outlined four overarching goals:

  1. To speak as      one voice for adult community-based learning organizations in the learners      serve
  2. To examine      and address the common challenges faced by community-based learning      organizations
  3. To enhance      public awareness of ANSCLO and Nova Scotia community learning      organizations
  4. To establish      and encourage standards of community-based learning organization program      performance and evaluation

These goals are not dissimilar from those found in the original memorandum of Association, which was the founding document for the organization. The key difference lies in the many objectives and actions which flow from these goals and the conclusion, drawn by those who participated in the process, that ANSCLO needs to seek funding for some level of staffing to fulfill its mission.

The executive has been tasked with examining several options for funding including looking at membership fees and taking on special projects. More details will be provided in the coming months as the executive begins its work.

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