ANSCLO is about sharing information

143One of the key functions of the Association of Nova Scotia Community Learning Organizations is to provide a forum for learning organizations in the province to share information with one another about what is working in their programs.

On April 12, 2011 ANSCLO engaged representatives from 29  community learning organizations in a process of sharing best practice in areas  of governance, community development, family literacy, seniors’ literacy,  working with those who are working, developing and maintaining partnerships,  fund development, promotion, and recruitment. The symposium was open to  coordinators of community-based adult literacy organizations and ANSCLO members  under the umbrella of Nova Scotia School for Adult Learning  (NSSAL).

The ‘sharing day’ was organized, at least in  part, as a response to a recent national research project on accountability  which stressed the importance of connecting literacy organizations with similar  interests to ‘enhance performance and effectiveness’ [Connecting the Dots:  Accountability and Adult Literacy, Linkage Report, Oct. 21, 2009].

While one of the strengths of the  community-based adult learning network system that exists in Nova Scotia is its  diversity, isolation from one another has made it difficult to share the things  that are working in individual regions. Whether our communities are rural or  urban, there is much to be learned by getting together and sharing from one  another.

Creating  opportunities for service providers to reflect on their work and enhance  practice is a key part of being responsive to the needs of adult learners, and  was a key theme of the day.142

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