ANSCLO is about advocacy

ANSCLO advocates for programs and policies that benefit adult learners in Nova Scotia. One of the key policy items that the Association has been working on in the past few years concerns opening up skill development opportunties for those adults who do not have a grade 12 or GED, and have been assessed at less than a level III (roughly a grade 9).

Paul outside truck at Truro College

Paul Robson is one adult who was given a chance to upgrade his skills and he took full advantage of this opportunity, upgrading his literacy skills for two years in a community program in Kentville, and moving on to the Commercial Safety College in Truro to complete his Class II Trucking license.

After a year of job search and working for a time as part of a road construction crew, Paul got on with a local trucking company and now works full time in his chosen field.

Paul is living proof that Employment Nova Scotia skills development programming can be successful for adults who are not currently at a Level III reading level.

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